Monday, 18 January 2010


Pumpkin is such a neglected vegetable in the UK. Time was you would never see it until October, and that was only for carving lanterns. I wouldn’t be surprised if in some parts of the UK that was still true, but fortunately I can get it all year round. And what a fantastic versatile veg it is! It’s wonderful in savoury spicy dishes like curry and tagine, and its texture makes soups velvety. Of course there is Bob’s wonderful pumpkin pie recipe but did you know that the combination of pureed pumpkin, spices, evaporated milk and the sweetener of your choice can be churned to make a fabulous ice cream?
I have also made a pumpkin hummus, substituting mashed pumpkin for half the chickpeas. Chickpea and pumpkin mash also appeared as a topping on my CRottage pie.
I think in the US it is available canned but I have never seen it canned here. I cut it in quarters and when I want some I microwave it till tender and then scoop out the flesh – that’s much easier than trying to peel it.