Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's not just about food

While a healthy diet is a vital ingredient in feeling youthful there are other things of importance. I have just spent ten days up at the Edinburgh Fringe festival working as a volunteer for a company that manages a venue. I worked in the kitchen, the cafe, box office, and did cleaning and leafleting. Most of the other volunteers were young enough to be my grandchildren. I spent a lot of my time on my feet, did miles of walking and running up and down stairs. I also ate like a horse - and arrived home weighing slightly less than when I went! So not CRd for that time. (Back on the straight and narrow as sson as I got back) But the huge buzz I got from the vibrancy of the place and the massive engery and enthusiasm was like an injection of youth!

On another subject - I have a small garden, and while I suppose I could fill it with vegetables I choose not to. I do grow fresh herbs, but I can get organic veg from the local farmers' market. In my garden there are flower beds, a rockery, hanging baskets and containers. It is a garden to give peace and visual pleasure. I enjoy being there and just pottering around tending to it. I am sure the feeling of contentment I get from the garden and also the gentle exercise contribute to my longevity as well as my diet.


Sara said...

Hi Linda.. Nothing whatsoever to do with your post (although glad to hear you are well and happy and Edinburgh sounds marvellous; I must try and do that again one year) but I was in Carluccio's in St Pancras waiting for P yesterday and noticed that they had clams in a jar (in brine, but still); clams, nothing else added, 8 portions per jar, 32 cals per portion (clams in the shell). Not sure if that was what you were looking for all those months ago but...!

Linda said...

That's useful to know, as the only other place I ever found them was a deli over an hour's journey away. I have also found a suitable recipe and will try it real soon now! Yes Edinburgh was a total buzz!

Anna said...

Dear Linda,

I hope this finds you well and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am researching for the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine. Our features editor would like to do a feature on women in the UK who have embarked on the CRON diet. I was just wondering if you would be interested in speaking to us? Sorry to contact you this way but I couldn’t find an alternative means.

If you are interest perhaps you could send an e-mail to