Monday, 15 March 2010

I can procrastinate any time I like

Life as we all know can be very busy and stressful. Even if we eat well we can create other problems which will impact our health. Procrastination is a false friend. Why put off what needs to be done, as it will have to be done sooner or later and better now than in a mad rush at the last minute? I am so very far from perfect on this, but I have developed a strategy which requires some discipline (and we all know about that, don't we?) but works for those situations when I need to get ready to go out. In a situation when I need to go out in say, an hour, I might feel that it will take me half an hour to get all the things ready that I need, and so I get on with those little jobs that I can do before I go. This is a trap. Either the jobs will overrrun and I will be late or, when the half hour slot comes around I find it all takes longer than I thought. Result - rushing about like a mad thing and getting stressed. Not good. This is where the discipline bit comes in. I make myself get eveything ready for going out first, so that all I need to do when the time comes, is put on my coat pick up my bag and go. Then, and only then do I start those enticing little jobs. When you analyse it, how many things actually have to be done at the last minute? Very few. I do the same thing when planning a meal. Everything that can be done in advance is done in advance. So the only things that I do at the last minute are the ones that can only be done at the last minute. As I said - I am far from perfect, but at least I know what I should be aiming for.

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